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We Provide Custom Digital Signage Solutions.

Choose any screen

Convert any television or screen which has hdmi port into a digital signage screen. Display any type of images or youtube videos.

Ease of Use

You can easily upload your business related images and news or display your YouTube video with our easy to use application


For any kind of support contact us by filling up the contact us form or you can reach us at support@icontrolscreens.com

Why iControlScreens?

Our Mission

Our Mission is to give people the power to build their own controlled screens (Digital Signage) across the globe with minimum cost by using one of the most reliable hardware available till date paired with our software.

An App developed for all platforms!

Supported by all major Browsers.

How to use?

Our application is very easy to use!

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Or you can reach us at contact@icontrolscreens.com

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